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Discover and share Dirt Track Racing Quotes And Sayings. Explore our collection of motivational and famous quotes by authors you know and love. On both dirt and asphalt cars, it’s a good idea to fine tune your shocks based on the type of track you’re running. Here are some recommendations. Flat Tracks: On an asphalt car, utilizing slightly stiffer rebound on the left side, while softening the rebound on the right side, will generally enhance the handling of the car.

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LEGENDS DIRT SETUP T IPS Overview Setting up a Legends car correctly is essential to obtain proper handling on a dirt track. On dirt, most of the car weight settles on the right rear tire in the turns, as opposed to asphalt racing where the weight settles on the right front tire. This makes a big difference as to how the car has to be set up.
Side Bite is an important tuning tool on any circle track race car. In this video Mike Nuchols from Warrior Race Cars gives an overview on side bite and discusses when it should be added or taken away and how to do this using a couple different methods. Visit Warrior online at For example – let’s say your car has a push and you tried raising the Rear Roll Center to free the car up. The driver didn’t like the change and now you want to try something else. You could adjust the bite, add stagger, soften the RF spring etc. OR – you could lower the Front Roll Center.

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The Alien 3 is our latest Loose Dirt Sprint Car chassis! Engineer Matt "The MurfDogg" Murphy created a car that produces insane amounts of rear grip, allowing the Alien 3 to stick to the track with tractor beam-ish force! Rebars used to be our Kryponite, but now they become fuel in our quest to seek out wins across the galaxy!
ROAD RACE 9″ REAR HOUSING $ 850.00 Add to cart; TALL MOOG LOWER BALL JOINT $ 99.00 Add to cart; 12 SPICER TIE RODS 269-2058RZ $ 75.00 Add to cart; REAR SPRING TEATHERS $ 175.00 Add to cart; SPINDLE JOE SPINDLE SET $ 995.00 Add to cart; RIDE BAR SET $ 100.00 Add to cart; MOOG 2002 LH Tie Rods / NEW $ 100.00 Add to cart; MOOG 2001 RH Tie Rods ... 5SP Front, OR5SP Rear P2628 Malaysia 2010: Dirt Track Race 5-Pack: Green Orange, white & black tampos Unpainted / Metal Unpainted Metal OH5 Front, OR6SP Rear R0969 Thailand 184/244 2011: Thrill Racers - Desert 4/6 Aqua Orange & Black tampos, White "5" racing deco Unpainted / Metal Unpainted Metal Tan wheel, Red rim MC5 Front, Red OR6SP Rear ...

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Hard braking dirt late models, DIRT modifieds, and rear inboard sprint brakes with vented iron or steel rotors. SCCA club racers, rally, and auto-cross. High MPH drag cars if high end fade occurs with lower temperature pads.
The car’s handling was always a little on the “tight” side, meaning it was slightly difficult to turn. That made it great for the local 25 lap A-mains at your local dirt oval, but made it harder on the right rear tire on during longer 50-100 lap regional/national events. Next, we need to break the track up into 4 segments to best analyze what part of the track we need to work on. - Corner Entry: This is the first part of the turn where you begin turning in. This is where the front of the car dips towards the track and the rear of the car lifts up a little, causing weight to transfer to the front

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With the recent additions, the weight of the truck has increased and we wanted to make sure that we would be able to stop. We looked at an option for all four corners of the vehicle and decided to go with the Dynapro 6A lug mounted (PN 120-134XX) for the front and the forged Dynalite rear parking brake kit (PN 140-7150) for the rear.
The outer edges feature a single rib on each side which proves extra side-bite during heavy cornering and side-loading characteristics. The Dirt Web tread sits on a new tire body carcass giving the tire a low-profile, wide-body appearance allowing clipped tread to extend all the way to the outer edges. For now, I'm hashing out the small details of a flipped suspension on the front end, (as per the "Voboril" and "Gerber" dirt track cars) and although this photo does not show it,(it was a few days old) I have since modified the drive shaft and torque tube subtracting 8.5" from it as per the Laurel chassis design back in the day.

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But, a very heavy concentration on the left side rear of the chassis won't transfer as much to the right rear to give side bite on the way into the corner. Forward traction is also best when both rear tires are biting at their highest potential. So, by increasing left side weight, your car will lose traction as well as side bite.
To the typical dirt racer, side bite is the idea that the car is rolling to the right, forcing the tires to dig into the dirt providing more traction. Like a paddle in the water, the further you push the paddle down into the water, the more force you can put through the paddle to propel the boat. The table below suggests tire inflation pressures for competitive driving. Tires should be reset to normal inflation pressures when returned to the street. These recommendations should be used as a starting point. Pressure can be adjusted to match the driver's preferences. Adjust pressure in 2...

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For sale is a set of (10) extra long 5/8" course thread wheel studs. Studs have a 4" overall length. The knurl is 3/8" in length & is the common circle track .690" diameter. The threads are 2-5/8" in length with a bullet nose at the end. Longer studs allow the use of wheel spacers to adjust your race cars handling at the track.
Nov 19, 2018 · Expert car control is even more essential on dirt, where the track changes throughout the night. The groove on the outside or "top" of the track is generally considered the fastest.